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Remembering Alumni, Family and Friends of Providence

We try our best to recognize the passing of all of our graduates and supporters. However, we rely upon graduates and families to keep us informed. Due to the difficulty of tracking graduates living outside of the southern Indiana area, we kindly ask that anyone with information about someone not listed below please notify us.

Zander Pois

Zander Pois, son of Maria (Millan) Pois ’86 and nephew of PHS alumna Tahra (Millan) Sermier ’90, passed away July 10, 2017.
Pearson Funeral Home obit 

Benjamin “Benjie” Kost ex-’70

Benjamin “Benjie” Kost, ex-Class of 1970 and brother of PHS alumni Bryant Kost ’65, Kenneth Kost ex-’67 (dec.), Bruce Kost (withdrew from PHS in 1966), Phyllis (Kost) Townsend ’71, and Joyce Kost ’72 (dec.), passed away July 3, 2017.
News & Tribune obit

Dorothy Popp

Dorothy Popp passed away July 9, 2017. PHS alumni in her family include children Barbara (Popp) Kemp ’72, Alvin Popp ’74 (Diane Lynch ’77), Ralph Popp ’76, Anthony Popp ’77, Darlene (Popp) Coleman ’80, and Margaret (Popp) Tschaenn ’85; grandchildren Kristin Kemp ’08, Amy Popp ’09, Whitney (Popp) Forbis ’09, Logan Popp ’11 (Jade Mirchandani ’12), Kendall Kemp ex-’13, and Candace Popp ’12, and multiple nieces and nephews and other family members.
Memorial contributions may be made to Our Lady of Providence Jr.-Sr. High School.

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Thomas Kempf Sr.

Thomas Kempf Sr., father of PHS alumna Susan (Kempf) LeMay ’73, grandfather of PHS alumni Mike Kempf ’89, Adam Kempf ’91 (Denise Ott ’91), and Jessica (Kempf) Lloyd ’02, and grandfather of PHS alumna and students Emma Kempf ’16, Grace Kempf ’18, and Rosie Kempf ’21, passed away June 27, 2017.
News & Tribune obit

Brittany Carroll

Brittany Carroll, daughter of Connie (McCurdy) Harbeson ’72 (Bruce ’72), passed away July 5, 2017.
Kraft Funeral Service obit

Amelia McGuire

Amelia McGuire, mother of Cathy (McGuire) Maier ’75, James McGuire ’76, Mary Ann McGuire ’77, Rita (McGuire) Hall ’79, and Jay McGuire ’84, passed away July 5, 2017.
Scott Funeral Home obit

Kenneth Tucker

Kenneth Tucker, father of Carol Tucker ’71, Linda (Tucker) Stein ’74, Patty (Tucker) Duffy ’76, Gary Tucker ’78, Tammy (Tucker) Simms ’81, and Rick Tucker ’83, and grandfather of PHS alumni Kristin Simms ’12, Nichole Tucker ’13, Tyler Simms ’15, and Brenden Tucker ’15, passed away June 30, 2017.
Kraft Funeral Services obit

Mary Virginia Lipps

Mary Virginia Lipps, mother of PHS alumna Mary Carolyn (Lipps) Garriott ’82 and aunt of Susan (Lipps) Cicatko ’67, Sarah (Lipps) Gallo ’75, James Lipps ’77, and Robert Lipps Jr. ’81, passed away June 29, 2017.
Kraft Funeral Services obit

Adalynn and Wyatt Fouch

Adalynn Noel Fouch and Wyatt James Isaac Fouch, grandchildren of Carla McReynolds ’81, passed away June 28, 2017, in an accident.
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